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Aagaard, Kevin, Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Aalangdong, O. I.
Aarnio, Jukka
Abaturov, Boris D.
Ackley, Catherine
Adair, William
Adams, Gregg P.
Adams, Kip P.
Adams, Layne G.
Addison, E. M.
Addison, E. M., Ecolink Science (Wildlife Research and Monitoring Section, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests - retired)
Addison, Edward M.
Addison, Edward M., Ecolink Science 107 Kennedy Street West Aurora, ON L4G 2L8
Addison, Edward M., Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (ret'd)
Addison, P. A., Northwest Region, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests
Addison, Peter A., Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Northwest Region, Regional Operations Division, 173 25th Sideroad, Rosslyn, ON P7K 0B9
Adhikari, Nirajan, University of Maine Animal Health Lab, 5735 Hitchner Hall, Orono ME 04469
Aho, Robert W.
Aitken, Dan, College of New Caledonia
Aitken, Daniel A
Aitken, Daniel A.


Åkerberg, Sofia


Alexander, Cedric, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dept.
Alexander, Cedric, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (United States)
Alexander, Cedric E.

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